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Kick-off Meeting in Steyr, Austria

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From the 10th to the 11th of October the Kick-off Meeting of the European funded Project SeConRob took place at PROFACTOR GmbH. The project will develop Self-configuring Multi-Step Robotic Workflows, demonstrated at the Use Case Partners SafeMetal (FRA) and OttoFuchs (GER). Industrial partners ACS (GER) and Marposs (ITA) will support the project with sensor development adapted to the specific needs of the Use cases. Research partners ECL (FRA) and Fraunhofer (GER) will develop the polishing process and AI methods for the enhancement of the manufacturing processes. PROFACTOR (AUT) will not only coordinate this 3 year lasting project but will also develop reinforcement learning for process improvement and also evaluate inspection methods for both use cases

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